Why FRP Rebars

12 reasons to choose composite FRP rebar instead of metal analogues.

Light Weight

Composite rebar are 8 times lighter than steel, thereby the total weight of the structure and the load on the foundation is decreased without degradation of the structure.

Cost Effectiveness up to 50%

Estimated costs are significantly reduced, even if you change the metal to FRP rebar diameter by diameter. And in case of replacement of steel rebar with the composite one, the cost effectiveness up to 50%.

Easy of Installation

Cutting and installation process is simplified –any worker can lash rebar using minimum set of tools and forces.


Any object is built for many years! Due to the high chemical and corrosion resistance of composite reinforcing, the service life of FRP rebar in the concrete is more than 100 years (in contrast to steel analogs).

Easy to cut openings in concrete structures

This property of fiberglass reinforcement is used in the construction of underground tunnels, temporary concrete barriers and structures.

Low Conductivity

There are no thermal bypasses in the constructed building, because glassfiber rebar does not conduct heat, unlike steel. For some region, the problem of heat loss and freezing of walls, floors and foundations is especially urgent.

High Tensile Strength

FRP rebar a reliable reinforcing material the tensile strength of which is 3 times higher than that of steel rebar.

Shipping Costs Savings up to 90%

Thanks to its light weight and low volume you save on shipping costs. The required volume for reinforcing the foundation mat of an average house is 3000 running meters – it can be transported in the car trunk.

Energy Efficiency

You continue to save even during the use of the facility, since the cost for heating a building reinforced with FRP rebar is lower in comparison with steel rebar.

Radio Transparency and dielectric properties

Dielectric rebar cage does not conduct an electric current, so this ensures greater radio transparency and minimizes influence of electromagnetic fields.

Adaptable Sizes - Rods of the required length

You don’t have to pay extra for the remaining scrap metal fittings. FRP fittings are supplied in coils 50 or 100 m long. During reinforcing your concrete structures, you only need to cut the rods of the desired length, and not join 11-meter iron rods. Positions where the metal rods are joined are the weakest points of the reinforcement cage.

Freeze-thaw Resistance

It is a high-technology material that does not lose its characteristics even in severe frosts. Temperature rating of fiber rebar and mesh is from -70 °С to +200 °С.