Construction Engineering

Buildings foundations (including below-surface foundations) sewerages, land reclamation and water disposal systems. The flooring in homes. Repair of concrete and brick constructions. Reinforcing of concrete, stone and combination walls of buildings. Reinforcing of ceiling panels of up to 5 meters

Industrial Construction

Reinforcing of marine and port-based facilities.

  • Reinforcing of flooring in industrial buildings, parking areas.
  • Reinforcing of shaped objects for collectors, pipeline and transport systems (heat stations, cable connections).
  • Reinforcing of swimming pools and concrete capacities (including those used for chemical production).s of buildings.
  • Reinforcing of ceiling panels of up to 5 meters


Reinforcing of flooring in cowsheds, pig houses, poultry farms,agricultural farms. Use as an espalier for the support of plants (vine, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.), frame for greenhouses. Reinforcing during the construction of water and wastewater treatment facility.

Bridge & Hydraulic Facilities

Bridge surfacing and fences. beach facilities. coastline slopes.

Road Construction

Road and airfield slabs. roadway platforms. Reinforcing of pathways; lamp posts and power transmission line supports. Road and walkway slabs, fence panels, curbs, balusters & supports. Reinforcing of sleepers in railway construction.